Mentored Portfolio

ART 170 – Mentored Final Portfolio – 3 credits

This capstone course is required for all students completing the Digital Arts Certificate. Structured as an independent study, students meet regularly with an assigned faculty mentor who helps them prepare a professional quality portfolio and provides general guidance and advice about pursuing a professional career. Valhalla and Center for the Arts, Center for the Digital Arts, Peekskill Extension. Students completing the Digital Arts Certificate should take this class in their last semester.

Class Hours: 3 Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
(Allotted time is 3 contact hours for the semester. We can meet either (12) meetings for the semester 15 minutes each or schedule meetings by appointments, you may visit during my office hours for additional assistance)

Syllabus: Mentored Final Portfolio – Spring 2017

Outline for scheduled meetings:

Week  1 – 5 (30pts)
Collect and organize existing artworks
Discuss any new works needed for transfer or possible internships

Week  6 – 9 (40pts)
Design website or use a blog for portfolio to archive and presentation purposes. Log your goals, skills and experience onto the blog. Be sure to discuss new developments in the field of study you want to pursue as a career. Continue to edit and modify new and past artworks

Week  10 – 12 (20pts)
Discuss resume and interview best practices and/or client relations
Work on completion of website or blog artwork descriptions

Week  13 – 15 –  (10pts) Updated Resume – Discuss what career goals you are interested in pursuing and what skills you  have and what skills you still need to learn. 
Print hardcopy of artworks
Present portfolio to instructor


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