collage – motion graphics

Note: View the main DIGITAL IMAGING page for tutorials and resources.
You can see how cubism techniques were merged into this collage Artist
cubism colllage

#3 Collage – Departure from Cubism

As part and parcel of this new found concern for thematic content, Basquiat implemented two new devices, both of which would become mainstays of his pictorial vocabulary. In addition to exploring the integration of image and text, Basquiat discovered more complex and elaborate means of “layering” the distinct planes of illusionistic space created by form, color, line, motion and atmospheric effects into a unified composition. These strategies became especially pronounced through the artist’s practice of collaging both original and photocopied drawings directly onto the canvas. While there are no collaged drawings in Per Capita, this work signaled to the artist the possibility of introducing new source material in his quest for the unification of text and image. The subsequent introduction of a collaged ground not only facilitated the union of image and text but enabled a more seamless integration of an “exterior” world into the fictive pictorial realm… and more about Basquiat

Word Objects and Images view this page for more collage examples – be sure to scroll down the page to view artworks

Week #1 – Collage
1)    1)   Select 3-5 concepts that represents your interests along with some  SUSTAINABLE THEMES to create a poster and a multimedia 30 second commercial. We will be using collage and motion graphic techniques. Bring for example found objects along with 3 photos for each 3-5 concepts ( 3=C, 4=B, 5=A)

2)    Upload your photos – scan or take photos of your objects to upload your personal WP site for presentation/discussion – BRING in a 3-D object to be scanned and” part of your collage”

3)    Each concept must have 1 photo, non-profit or business mission statement and a link to the website.

4)    Defend your favorite theme/concept (recommendations: personal, political, nature, unique theme, public service announcement)

5)    On your WP site be sure to link a cross-references that will support your theme/concept. (ex. such as what collage artists inspired your concept?)

Week #2 – Color, More Photos to be taken, Inspiration!
1)    Again, select 5 dominate colors that will be in the composition

2)    Find more assets (textures) or photos for your concepts, examine and extract the most interesting shapes, forms, design, space, texture and compose them all into one layout (13×19)

3)    Bring to class an example(s) of  historical collage/motion graphic artists (see Imaging page for examples) find most interesting style of collage for your composition.

4) Present Rough Storyboard of collage composition (3-5) 1)    Sketch a rough mockup for your collage composition (3-5 sketches)  upload to WP

5)    Write a brief statement about your theme/concept upload to WP (3-5 versions) *

Week #3 – Works in Progress – MOTION GRAPHICS – storyboard your motion graphics
1)    Complete the assemble of assets for your rough composite (3-5 composites) then you are ready to begin the MOTION GRAPHICS tools

2)    You may include music.

3)    Present your rough video for feedback – upload to YOUTUBE


click to view


Week #4 –Continue to work on Collage Composite and the 30 second commercial (video) 

1)    Continue to print finals (Hyper, Cubism and Collage)  and tweak timeline for video

3)    You may present your Final Composite during Case Study presentation (Final Exam week)


1) Weekly Journal Blog Entries (15)
2) Assignments (3 projects w/4 week assignments)
(12 @5% using a point value system)
3) Weekly Participation and in-class Tutorials
(Pass or Fail)
along with at home BLACKBOARD Assignments 15%
4) Midterm and Final Presentations
(Oral and Written)

TOTAL 100%

All assignments MUST BE UPLOADED TO STUDENTS PERSONAL BLOG to be evaluated and given credit, there are no exceptions. Students may access weekly assignments through WCC’S BLACKBOARD and from the instructor’s blog. Weekly assignments are allotted to students based on completion of previous assignments.

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