Spring 2018

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Here is an important video that represents careers that utilize integrated digital media skills. At SUNYWCC the courses are affordable, accessible and will help build your portfolio for transfer or internship opportunities.

Here is a college like many that support creative technologies. View the academic programs that interests you. Digital media artists learn the tools to apply innovation in their creative expression or for societal change. Ones story or critical thinking evolves when having conversations with teachers and peers and/or logging ones observations that you experience. A creative mind is 24/7 your journey has begun by viewing this page. Explore and enjoy!



Animated Gif of contemporary digital media artists: (1) Do Ho Suh, Home within Home within Home within Home within Home, 2013. Polyester fabric, metal frame, 602.36 x 505.12 x 510.63 inches. Courtesy National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, Korea. (2) Courtesy Fiona Raby. (3) Aimée Beaubien, Gusts in the Hothouse, 2016. (4) Ana Mendieta, Butterfly (still), 1975. © The Estate of Ana Mendieta Collection, LLC. Courtesy Galerie Lelong, New York.

chicago-visiting artists 2017

Prof. Deb Krikun