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Welcome to Prof. Deb Krikun’s Digital Media courses offered at SUNY WCC.

This year Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 I will be teaching the following courses at WCC. All of these courses will support your digital online portfolio to gain entry for an internship and/or a transfer opportunity.

The WCC’s Digital Media Certificate offers a gateway curriculum.  As a graduate you can enroll into WCC’s ART AND DESIGN AS as you seek for a college transfer or an internship opportunity. 

If you have any questions please email me.
See recommended colleges below.

Digital Animation (Main Campus) – (ART 147) Tuesday evening (#80916) and Thursday (#80921) morning – in this class we learn and apply the 12 principles of animation, design motion graphics and create frame by frame animation. We use the stylus and tablet so the ease of drawing supports your animation skills.

Digital Design (Main Campus) – (ART 112A) Wednesday evening (#80992) – in this class we will apply 2D and 3D design techniques to create promotional animations, illustrations, interactive games or web apps/pages along with 3D product designs in package designs and 3D printing. A class that focuses on learning digital art skills for internships and exploring career objectives. A digital studio environment. NO pre-requisites and FALL ONLY!!

Digital Imaging (Main Campus, Peekskill or White Plains) – (ART 125) See Course Schedule– in class our first assignment using PHOTOSHOP – 1) we learn how to reconstruct hyper-reality concept using multiple photos as one final composite. See example – 2) we learn how to digitally paint using the stylus and tablets either for a landscape, portrait, abstract, geometric or conceptual – using form and color applications. In the last assignment – See student example , #2 example – 3) we design a motion graphic 15 second video or an animated gif OR a new media design for either a website, app design or a game design introduction page. You choose ONLY ONE new media screen design format. (See example , #2 example) Either choice the subject matter needs to support a non-profit cause OR a creative expression such as the game design concept. Time management and pipeline production tasks for each assignment is required.

Design and Illustration in this class we learn how to illustrate and design using Illustrator. We illustrate a found object as we learn the illustration tools  – then we move to design using type and image for a logo concept, a graphic novel or an interactive design layout. The last assignment is to design a digital media sequence using time-base and code for interactivity using Adobe Creative Suite. SPRING ONLY!! so reserve your spot by emailing the instructor  in the Fall.

Resources for colleges: As a digital arts advisor and full-time faculty at WCC, I highly recommend the following colleges to major in the digital arts for graphic design, illustration (graphic novels), animation, web design, motion graphic designer, game design, 3D animation and much more: BS, BFA, BA degree they all included animation, integrative media, game design and new media:

NY – SUNY Purchase – New Media BA
NJ – Montclair State University – BFA
NY – SUNY/Fashion Institute Technology – BFA  (Portfolio Requirements)
NY – CUNY/City College – Electronic Design- BFA
NY – CUNY/City Tech – – BTECH Emerging Media
NY – CUNY/Lehman College, BS Computer Imaging
NY – SUNY/Old Westbury – Electronic Media BS
NY – MFA in Animation at Brooklyn College

National – there are many if you are able to move away from the metropolitan area. Here is one for example, a state university that is more affordable then a private school. Nice weather!

FLA – Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, College Of Motion Pictures BFA Animation and Digital Arts

Here is an important video that represents careers that utilize integrated digital media skills. At SUNYWCC the courses are affordable, accessible and will help build your portfolio for transfer or internship opportunities.

Here is a college like many that support creative technologies. View the academic programs that interests you. Digital media artists learn the tools to apply innovation in their creative expression or for societal change.

Ones story or critical thinking evolves when having conversations with teachers and peers along with observation and experience. A creative mind is 24/7 your journey has begun by viewing this page. Explore and enjoy!

Animated Gif of contemporary digital media artists: (1) Do Ho Suh, Home within Home within Home within Home within Home, 2013. Polyester fabric, metal frame, 602.36 x 505.12 x 510.63 inches. Courtesy National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, Korea. (2) Courtesy Fiona Raby. (3) Aimée Beaubien, Gusts in the Hothouse, 2016. (4) Ana Mendieta, Butterfly (still), 1975. © The Estate of Ana Mendieta Collection, LLC. Courtesy Galerie Lelong, New York.

chicago-visiting artists 2017

Prof. Deb Krikun