digital design overview

Through the Digital Design assignments students will better understand how designers research and develop ideas, expression, and a unique “form language”  – as it evolves through the creative process.

For more information review and research some themes to choose from.
Designers explore Sustainability
John Maeda – Interview
Tim Brown talk about Design Thinking
Charity Water
The design problems that pervade today’s economy are likely to become even more prominent within the next decade, as disruptions caused by globalization and information technology create opportunities to reconfigure companies’ supply chains, organizations, and communications networks. People who develop proficiency at design will excel in that evolving environment. ~Karl Ulrich

Summary of Assignments for the 15 Weeks – Research all aspects of each assignment. Save your findings (assets, research, links, data)  for your final Case Study presentation.

Create a weekly journal on the “things you have observed or discovered” for each week POST something you have found that inspires you  – visit my RESOURCES page for examples. Post weekly onto your BLOG –

Logo Design Exercises:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

type and image professional examples

Continue to discuss and apply DESIGN THINKING practices to final project and learn software (Illustrator, Flash and others when needed such as Photoshop)

Midterm Evaluation  – Students present their completed assignments from the blog!


8-14 Weeks – FINAL PROJECT is now in production (product design, logo design, motion graphics…) From your proposed research and preliminary designs which have been tweaked and discussed from last weeks Midterm Presentation.

Product Designs by others, professionals and students

Wireframe  – Game Designs, Applications and Web pages : #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7
Animation – Storyboard and Character Design
Video – Digital Storytelling or Music Video
3d Printing – Design Protocols
Branding Campaigns – Winners 21st Century
Design Thinking Template – Interviews


15 – FINAL CASE STUDY and Oral Presentation presented from your personal blog. All assignments will be uploaded to blog and Final Proposed Project will be presented and videotaped. View video to help prepare for your Case Study presentation.


Design Objectives– Learn how to design using digital tools as you observe and experience the world around you “enjoy seeing and experience it” . . .
Inge Druckrey

Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see. . . .
Henry David Thoreau

Create a weekly journal of the things you have observed for the week how do you see them differently  – describe what you have discovered within their form. Take a picture of the object/texture/experience or find it on the Internet for demo purposes.







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