digital design

ART 112A – Digital Design – Fall 2017
Friday, 1pm-4:50pm Valhalla, HAAB Rm 403

Welcome Digital Design Students – We will be working with 2D animation, interactive design, 3D printing and motion graphics. I am looking forward to hearing your ideas. You will get an email to login into Blackboard and get started. Peruse my actual RESOURCES  page on this blog lots of cool stuff!!

Fall 2017 Syllabus – download
Email me if you have any questions! Prof. Deb Krikun

An exploration of basic elements and principles of two-dimensional design with an emphasis on the digital environment. Topics include line, shape, color, texture and pattern, rhythm, and sequence. Projects cover static, time-based, and interactive elements. Software includes Adobe Illustrator and Flash. No previous experience necessary.  Center for the Digital Arts, Peekskill Extension Center.Contact hrs: 4.

can be found in the following paragraphs. Be sure to email the instructor for questions. For more information view Digital Design Overview

WEEK #1Introductory PresentationChoose your proposal for the final project. You may combine deliverables such as Animation and Game Design or Website and App Designer.

#1 Create rough sketches for your concept using this template. You may use other sketchbook paper as well! Here will be the roadmap for our design and development of our final project. Design Thinking (RESOURCE)

#2 Evaluate one to two UX products (the deadline to vote is Sept. 15th) This opportunity to vote on an UX product will give you examples of your final project from this website

#3 Write a brief summary  – what will be your prototype? Choosing from the introductory powerpoint presentation.

WEEK #2  – Rough Storyboards or Mockups for Final Project
Use either storyboard or other templates to begin your mockup for final project.
Here are some examples that demonstrate digital media projects.
What we will cover: #1, #2, #3, #4
Project MOTION GRAPHICS – Example: #1, #2, #3
Project: GRAPHIC DESIGN  – #1. #2, #3, #4, #5
Project: GAME DESIGN – #1, #2, #3
Project: COMMUNITY PROJECTS: #1, #2, #3

Week #3 – Review on BLACKBOARD  – RESEARCH PATH – Required assignment
1)Document your questions and the results” with a librarian in regards to the final project, log your research results onto to your blog. Bring in your questions for class discussion  – Some examples of questions for your research:
Character Designer or Conceptual Designer: What character designers are the most popular – what is the designers technique or inspiration – do they have any merchandise of their characters – do they work for any studio or are they freelance designers – what education is necessary to be a successful character designer or conceptual designer –
Motion Graphic Designer – similar questions as above – what type of industries utilize informational videos – how to storyboard motion graphics – how to produce informational videos
Animator: similar questions as above – how to develop a narrative for an animation –
Game Designer: how to develop board or electronic games similar to above questions
Book Author and Designer: what are the most popular ebooks or book apps that children appreciate – is there merchandise that accompany’s the books –

2) Complete STORYBOARD roughs for final project – use as many frames to sketch your ideas – you may turn the paper to be vertical for app or game design.

3) Choose your colors from the color theory link – select 3 sets of five colors and why did you choose those colors?

Eventually UPLOAD ALL RESEARCH AND DOCUMENTS TO YOUR BLOG each week. Otherwise you will get behind and not get credit for your work.

Week #4  Create WP pages: Upload the following onto the DISCOVER page:
1) research, 2) scanned rough sketches, and 3) storyboards, include 4) color schemes using KULER along with your 5) narrative (meaning, purpose, challenges, comparative examples, technical programs needed) about your final project. Include rough designs stylized using either PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR OR FLASH.

Review CASE STUDIES with other Digital Design proposals as discussed in class.
1) Dynamic time-base videos – View all examples and make note where examples will help your final project. Example: #1, #2, #3
2) Building a Multimedia Project: #1, #2, #3
3) Graphic Design: #1, #2, #3
4) Sustainability Non-Profit Orgs: #1, #2,
5) Character Designs: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
6) Game and Application Design: #1, #2, #3
7) Product Design: #1, #2, #3,
8) Graphic Novel: #1, #2, #3

Case Study Template: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Week #5  Review FINAL project proposals from students blog. All of the following assignments is presented from the DISCOVER page: (midterm evaluation)
1) RESEARCH 2) scanned rough SKETCHES 3) STORYBOARDS (video promo and layout for print 4) three COLOR schemes with description (five colors each) for overall final project 5) NARRATIVE: (a) meaning (b) purpose, (c) challenges (your skill level) (d) comparative examples (e) technical programs needed to complete the prototype
MEDIA: a brief description for each (a) give example: web design layout (HTML5UP) (b) Logo/Title Mockups (c) 3D print example sketch (d) Video promo (e) Print: promo, advertisement and or layout (ex. graphic novel)

Week #6 – Upload all content such as sketches, digital illustrations and narrative introduction that describes your for final project. Studio: 1) Create your initials in Illustrator and import into to TINKERCAD  – extrude and make a 3D object. (2) Select web design template from HTML5UP  – download and archive onto the ART DRIVE and CLOUD account. – (3) Continue working in ILLUSTRATOR and PHOTOSHOP to complete  your digital illustrations. Following week will be the MIDTERM EVALUATION. 

Week 7: OCTOBER 20, 2017
MIDTERM EVALUATION presented from your WP blog.
All progress and assignments are uploaded to the DISCOVER page. The following needs to be in order: (When 3-5 examples are REQUIRED for evaluation the following will apply – 3 examples will be a C (3pts) and five examples will be an A (5pts) – take note of the evaluation points)

Proposal: (top of the page) Your statement that describes your proposal. Follow Case Study examples. (3-5 sentences)

Research: State your motives and questions for the research  – answer the questions from your findings (3-5 questions with answers with link examples). Did you meet with a Librarian (Pass/Fail (5pts) What more do you need to understand about your proposal? (3-5 bullet statements) Give 3-5 professional comparative examples of your final project. Site (3-5) links (images and video) and examples. 

Rough Sketches: 1) Character Designs in rough pencil sketches (3-5 sketch examples) along with 3-5 sentences for each sketch.

Storyboard: rough sketch of 8 to 12 frames (use the SHOT LIST) for the final animation or a promotional video – if your project is NOT an animation. This video will promote your final project (additional frames are ok, less than 8 frames will be a D or F)

Progress: Digital illustrations either in Flash, Photoshop or Illustrator (3-5 examples with 3-5 sentences for each digital illustration.

Deliverables: State what will be your “final project” and what will be the “promotional deliverables” to support the final project. Describe the final digital media format in regards to the deliverables.

1) Time-base Media (a promotional video or animation)
2) Interactive Media (unique web pages or e-graphic novel or app or ebook)
(give example from HTML5UP)
3) Product Design: (3D printing  – product design or merchandise/swag)
(give example from TINKERCAD)
4) Printed Media: (promotional print media (printmaking) poster/advertisement)

Production Schedule: One bullet statement for each week you have worked on the final project (7 weeks) – what tasks did  your accomplish for the proposed final project.

Week #8 – We have completed the DISCOVER and INTERPRET phase of Design Thinking. The remaining phases to the end of the semester will be IDEATE and PROTOTYPE. Today we will finalize the Web Pages that you will use for the final CASE STUDY presentation. Please read and respond to this article in your final CASE STUDY. How does this article relate to your digital media project.

You will find your required assignments on this page to reinforce what is expected on a weekly basis. Each digital media project will be identified for specific tasks. The following weeks will be organized by students tasks which need to be completed as determined by the MIDTERM EVALUATION:

Scroll further to see examples of student works  from other DIGITAL DESIGN classes.

ANIMATIONS: (Michelle, Michael H., Jennifer, Sarah, **Sasha, **Julia, Adam)
GAME CONCEPTS: (Brendan, Declan, Michael H.)
CHARACTER DESIGNS: (Christine, Kain)

ANIMATION projects: **(promotional video past due for Midterm)
Week #8 – Animatic inked and timed using Camera Tool for pans and zooms.
Week #9 – Complete all digital backgrounds for animations
Week #10 – Complete all animated loops that will be seen in the animation
GAME CONCEPT projects: Reference: #1, #2, #3
(complete storyboard for promotional video (past due for Midterm)
Week #8 – Sitemap (include menus, buttons) to navigate through interactive dashboard.
Week #9 – Complete digital elements (character designs, props, environments) positioned on one game screen shot.
Week #10 – Complete all loops or visual efx in Flash or Photoshop as animated gif.
(Storyboard your promotional or instructional video for using the App)
Week #8: Digitize sitemap (include menus, buttons) to navigate through interactive dashboard. (create in Illustrator)
Week #9 – Complete all dashboard and screen shot items
Week #10 – Import digital assets into Animate/Flash for interactivity
GRAPHIC NOVEL / E-BOOK: (complete storyboard for promotional video (past due for Midterm) Reference: #1, #2, #3
Week #8: Layout graphic pages in Illustrator – Title (Logo) page and one page you can import sketches and digital assets onto page
Week #9: Digitize in Illustrator and/or Photoshop  – Title page include background
Week #10: Digitize and complete foldout page or 2 pages – include narrative and digital assets to the layout.
Week #8: Animatic inked and timed using Camera Tool for pans and zooms. (promotional video for product design) Import vector illustrations into Animate/Flash
Week #9: Colorize Shoe designs in Illustrator or Photoshop include texture samples
Week #10: Create reveal effect in Flash for promotional video.
CHARACTER DESIGNS: (complete storyboard for promotional video
(past due for Midterm)

Week #8: Refine colorization (include gradients) of character designs and sketch up 3 expressions for one character.
Week #9: Digitize facial expressions for character designs
Week #10: Begin to animate facial expressions for character designs.

Week #11 – Assessment of projects progress – Presentation from work files.

Email me if you have any questions. Each week you will be given credit for the weekly assignments. I will grade assignments one week after due date from your blog.

How to improve your research outcome, experience and documentation. #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Week 9: STUDIO: Complete print media assignment (SLO: 1-3)
Week 10: STUDIO: Intro and apply code to interactive and time based media (SLO: 2,3) Week 11: STUDIO: Prepare and print 3D prototype (SLO: 2-3)
Week 12: PRESENT: Final 2D/3D Prototypes with results from end-user testing (SLO:2,3) Week 13: STUDIO: Prepare and tweak assignments for Final Case Study (SLO: 1-5)
Week 14: ARCHIVE: organize and archive prototype files onto to blog and cloud. (SLO:4)
Week 15: WRITTEN/ORAL FINAL EXAM – Final Case Study Project (SLO: 1-5)






The following information and website links are for inspiration and resouces only. Please view Digital Design Assignment page for what are the assignment deadlines and what is expected each week. Please email your questions.
Prof. Deb Krikun

Illustrator Tutorialsvideos demonstrating the tools

Case Study ExampleCase Study Example #2 | #1 | #2 |
Written Exam – 4-5 pages follow format of examples.

Design Resources: – #1 Bauhaus, #2 Artist Series,

resources: Explore the following examples: aiga | color | myfonts | designdump | typo | webby | veer | csszen | logo designs | alistapart | dexigner | wordle | wdl | support | logos | grid | layout |thirds | dafont |watercolors | type is fun | linotype | 3D Printing |

inspiration: logo designs tutorials: You will find online tutorials: pen tool | wordpress tutorial

 create a doodle page with the new illustrator tools!

– DESIGN and DRAW from observation of your found object –  use forms, positive/negative space and movement to create a unique expression.


The Dot and the Line
an appreciation of what vectors can do in design and story!



Design resources: aiga archives
Placement and organization of shapes to be well balanced as demonstrated in class examples: design_fundamentals

FORM and FUNCTION from IMAGE to 3D – 
tools covered: more EDIT tools, Type, Transform, Envelope options
resources: links for  logo design tutorials
examples: some links for type inspirations: paul rand,  examples, latin text for dummy copy (great for creating textures using type and to begin layout copy for magazines, etc remember to use word count in Word to specify space needed), fun type illustrations (flash

Logo + visual Identity : Evolution of creating a logo design from your found object, creating a branding identity. Historical overview of advertisement campaigns and designers who revolutionized the marketing industry
resources: logo tournament, developing a logo design, vector shapes into logo design, the process of developing a logo design


Learning the importance of data visuals,

Participation in class discussions, completion of hands-on tutorials and assignments will help students produce a well-designed professional and creative expression. It is required that all students must email or call if they are unable to attend class. It is a common courtesy and a professional protocol. All work will be evaluated from the student’s WordPress site (WP). If you are absent on day of presentation, please email the status of the presentation being graded. Two “excused” absences are accepted. Unexcused absences will lower a grade on presentations. Presentation work needs to be submitted one week later. Evaluations of assignments are measured by:

• Weekly Journal Blog Entries (15) 5%
• Assignments (12 @5% using a point value system) 60%
• Weekly Participation and in-class Tutorials (Pass or Fail) along with at home BLACKBOARD Video Assignments 15%
• Midterm and Final Presentations (Oral and Written) 20%
•TOTAL 100%

Each week the four-hour studio class will be structured in the following sequence of instructional practices.

  • 1)    Presentation: explanation of contemporaries in the field of study related to the weekly assignments. Discussion of design concepts and how to develop the idea and apply the software technique as shown in examples given. Weekly class review of students progress measured through the WP student site.
  • 2)    Tutorials: software features, tools applicable to assignment, step-by step tutorials, and instructional note taking required. Podcasting tutorials online to help provide assistance out of class can be found on instructors WP site.
  • 3)    Individual instruction and/or assistance: weekly tutorial demonstrations and trouble-shooting issues with individuals.
  • 4)    Critique: Overview of questions for current assignment or upcoming assignment.

ONLINE RESOURCES below and on my Resources page


  • 1) Required to bring to each class meeting:  a USB Flash Drive for saving digital files and a CLOUD account (dropbox, google drive),
  • 2) Required to bring to each class meeting:  A spiral bounded journal (line or graph) and/or sketchbook.
  • 3) High-quality 13×19 ink-jet paper, not glossy – for hardcopy print portfolio examples
  • 4) Black vinyl bounded plastic sleeve portfolio larger than 13×19
  • 5) Create a WordPress site and upload all assignments and support documents (including sketches, links, etc)



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  1. Each week you need to comment on the pros and cons of the assignment. Talk about the challenges of developing your personal expression. How difficult the software tools may be or what tools to use. Is the instructor giving you the best resources or guidance. Share these thoughts with the class.

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