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“Creativity is not exclusive to particular activities: it’s possible wherever human intelligence is actively engaged. It is not a specific type of activity but a quality of intelligence” Sir Kenneth Robinson

Recommended Spring 2019 classes for students interested in digital media.
Graphic Design ART 265 – Digital Imaging ART 125Design and Digital Illustration ART 145 – Digital Video Editing FILM 142 – Digital Animation ART 147 – Digital Storytelling FILM 130 – Digital Photography ART 129 – Introduction to Computer Programming COMSC 100 – Intro to Audio MUSIC 160 – Bold are the classes that Prof. Krikun teaches

OFFICE HOURS – Fall 2018 – are not scheduled during Final Exam Week 12/17-21
__Monday – 9am – 9:30am + 1:15pm – 2:15pm –
Center for the Digital Arts, Peekskill
__Tuesday – 5-6pm – HAAB 403
__Wednesday – 10:30am – 11am TECH 126 and  5pm – 6pm – HAAB 406
Makeup classes for Digital Imaging – 12/12th at 10-11am – If Wednesday morning is not good please email me to schedule a time to meet.
__Thursday – Noon-1pm – Main Campus, HAAB 407

Office Hour Cancellations will be posted on this page. Class cancellations will be posted on this page, along with Blackboard emailed to students.

Computer Open Studios for Main Campus and Extension Centers

Office hours can be scheduled by appointment on days not scheduled above –
be sure to check this page for announcements such as office hour appointments, class cancellations or career opportunities. WCC Support Services

Here is where you can begin to explore creative career paths, EXPLORE!

Click here for Digital Arts Advisement for Spring 2019

Blog Header Credits: Images from THE PIET ZWART INSTITUTE and Game Design by former Digital Arts student Clara Martin

Below is a recent classified ad from the New York Times which requires some of the skills you will learn taking digital media classes. Send your questions to Prof. Deb Krikun

img_3580National Association of Schools of Art and Design – NASAD –
Two-Year Programs in Graphic Design: effective programs prepare students for:

1) technical support positions in the field of graphic design and visual communications, and/or (WCC Digital Media Certificate graduates) 
2) transfer to a design program in a four-year institution. (SUNY or CUNY)

“Technical support. No other aspect of design practice has experienced the level of growth and change found in technical support. The configuring and networking of technology for design studios, preparing electronic files for output in comprehensives, electronic pre-press, digital manipulation of photography, converting of files from one software program to another and from print-based to electronic formats, scripting and programming for web design, and designing of computer templates for a range of users are just some of the technical functions that did not exist 15 years ago. Mastering these skills, as well as the changes in software, can easily fill a two-year curriculum, especially if students must also understand the design context in which such work must be performed. Design studios, advertising agencies, and corporations search for individuals who have these skills and consistently report shortfalls in qualified applicants.  In metropolitan design centers, new companies have formed to provide precisely these services to groups of clients on a contractual basis.” NASAD

More information about SUNY’s Excelsior Scholarship 

The courses offered in the Digital Arts Certificate will help you build your online portfolio to apply for colleges and to help prepare you for internship opportunities.
Colleges that focus on Animation, Game Design and New Media

NY – SUNY Purchase – New Media BA
NJ – Montclair State University – BFA
NY – SUNY/Fashion Institute Technology – BFA  (deadlines)
NY – CUNY/City College – Electronic Design- BFA
NY – CUNY/City Tech – – BTECH Emerging Media
NY – CUNY/Lehman College, BS Computer Imaging
NY – SUNY/Old Westbury – Electronic Media BS
NY – MFA in Animation at Brooklyn College

FLA – Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, College Of Motion Pictures BFA Animation and Digital Arts

View all of the internet and television animated series using FLASH

Access to WCC  computer labs with Adobe Creative Suite

Student Club New Media Group  meet every  Common Hour on Wednesdays at 11am-1pm -Valhalla Campus, Tech. Bldg. in the Lounge to compete in GAME ON and help organize upcoming events sponsored by newmediagroup.org

Hope your experiences @ WCC will be creative and productive!
Email:  deborah.krikun@sunywcc.edu if  you any questions about career goals and/or academic courses and programs!


NEW MEDIA GROUP, a student club engaged with digital media industries such as mobile apps, game design, animation, 3d printing and data visualization. Students produce two biannual events that support student networking, understanding digital media careers that utilize technology skills and experience in computer animation 2D/3D, game design, responsive mobile apps, web designs, 3d printing and data visualization.   

Spring 2017 DIG.IT.ALL Career Meet Up Forum (Theme: Virtual Reality), April 2017 at Center for the Digital Arts, Peekskill NY

New Media Group meets during regular semesters on Main Campus WEDNESDAY 11am-1pm on Main Campus 

Join Us in our digital media endeavors!

View current trends in the job market for graphic designers (ux/ui) There are some exciting new trends and career opportunities.

Student Advisement
See above office hours and email me to make an appointment! I look forward to  helping you with possible college transfer, internships or deciding upon what digital art courses to take in your field of interest. (Game Design, Web Design, 2D and 3D Design and Animation, Internet Marketing and Advertising)

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How to access LYNDA.COM for FREE from your local library.

3D Printing Tutorial
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Brookings Institute on Community Colleges
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Recommended Game Design Schools for Transfer
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Welcome to SUNY Westchester Community College, Associate Professor Deborah Krikun‘s WordPress site for students and educators. The site was designed as an online syllabus for students. Students are required to archive their notes and assignments in an e-portfolio format using WordPress. The e-portfolio will serve as a documentation to students learning process and assist the instructor and student to better evaluate their learning outcomes. Access to assignments, tutorials and resources readily improves the challenge to learning and understanding the creative process. Here you will find what is needed to accomplish your creative goals in the digital arts,  share, follow or explore.

Digital Imaging and Digital Design by Students


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The digital art courses at WCC support students who need to build strong
portfolios in the digital arts for transfer to a four year college or a possible internship opportunity. Graduates or professionals who enroll in WCC’s digital arts programs are able to retool their skills in web development, flash animation, digital video, motion graphics or simply to upgrade their design skills. The Digital Arts Certificate, Digital Filmmaking Certificate or the AAS Visual Arts and Digital Filmmaking degree offers all students the opportunity to learn more about the digital arts and gain the necessary experience to pursue a creative career.

As Faculty Advisor to the New Media Group I encourage students, alumni, professionals and businesses to join our group to participate in events, showcase your work and to learn more about new media technologies.

Click the menu of classes above for assignments and tutorials.

I teach full-time at the Center for the Digital Arts, in Peekskill, NY to reach me you may call 914-606-7359 or email: deborah.krikun@sunywcc.edu

To reach the Center for the Digital Arts, call or email your inquiries to: (914) 606-7301 – (studio labs are open Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm / Friday-Saturday 9am-4pm) or peekskill@sunywcc.edu


New Media Group

If you are a student then you can help produce exciting events. We welcome community supporters to participate or to donate. All proceeds go to the New Media Group scholarship!

NMG meetings which are held on the main Valhalla campus (Tech. Bldg. Rm 128 and  Center for the Digital Arts in Peekskill  www.newmedigroup.org

New Media GroupSUNY Westchester Community College
New Media Group Facebook


Get a head start on real-world projects and events – Throughout the semester exciting career opportunities are scheduled – such as visiting interactive design studios and producing new media events.

You can become a NMG member if the following applies to you:

Membership Fees and Status:

1) Students (FREE) – If currently enrolled as a WCC student or a student with ID from another institution. This includes high school students. If  you are a WCC student you may hold a leadership responsibility such as NMG President, VP,  Public Relations Officer, Communications Director or Graphic Designer.

2) Professional – a NMG alumni,  New Media artist, or a New Media business/organization product or service, or business/org who is in need of students who can offer New Media Internships.

3) Patron – a supporter of New Media education for WCC Scholarship for incoming students and WCC graduates. A patron interested in supporting ongoing New Media events and activities.


Please make check out to: WCC-FUF Acct #139 – New Media Group
Mail to: Center for the Digital Arts
Att: New Media Group Faculty Advisor
27 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY 10565

On check please specify what NMG activity you want to fund:
1) NMG Scholarship or 2) Annual Events (Digital Arts Career Day or
DIG.IT.ALL New Media Festival, or ongoing studio tours and workshops)
SUGGESTED DONATION – recommended funding:
$100-$1,000 – Other: Always appreciated!

NMG’s Scholarship Fund – supports either incoming or WCC graduates. Membership Fees or Donations offer FREE access to all activities and events.

For more info contact NMG Faculty Advisor or the Digital Arts Projects class.

Join NMG Community!

A comment from the New York Times:
Most successful job candidates, she added, are “inventors and solution-finders,” who are relentlessly “entrepreneurial” because they understand that many employers today don’t care about your résumé, degree or how you got your knowledge, but only what you can do and what you can continuously reinvent yourself to do.  – New York Times “How to get a Job”  5/2013

Join New Media Group to meet other digital media fans and pros, discover creative and challenging digital career opportunities.

Here is a recent career listing 2014 that identifies the skills one needs to learn in today’s job market. New Media Group students meet pro’s and learn more about the field they are interested in to pursue.


– Email Prof. Deborah Krikun – Faculty Advisor

Here are some job descriptions for students studying digital arts/media.

List of professional design and new media careers supported by a community college curricula in Los Angeles.

The Digital News Design group at The New York Times seeks a technology-savvy Interactive Story Designer to join our award-winning multimedia producers in the newsroom. This person will be expected to work with reporters, editors, producers, designers and software developers across The Times to craft rich, multimedia experiences for both news and enterprise stories, across multiple platforms.

Graphic design savvy with knowledge of  web development in RESPONSIVE DESIGNS coding with JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. Experienced with editing video, audio, digital imaging and animation/motion graphics is a plus. All candidates must possess a portfolio demonstrating strong design work, understand how to build narratives, a solid understanding of layout, typography and storytelling techniques. Most important knowledgeable and skilled in UX/UI experience for interactive technologies. Candidates will be expected to be quick learners with creative ideas and have the proven ability to work collaboratively.

Job Requirements:
– Expertise in client-side Web development, including Javascript, HTML and CSS. High proficiency with XML/XSL, scripting issues across different browsers and platforms, and Javascript frameworks.
– A pragmatic innovator whose solutions elicit responses that justify the effort and investment.
– Demonstrated ability to create presentations that intelligently incorporate audio, video and still images.
– Strong visual & interactive design skills a clear grasp of typography, layout, color, motion, and behavior.
– Ability to convey interactive story ideas and complex interactions with wire-frames or prototypes.
– Experience working with server-side languages, such as PHP and Ruby, is a plus.
– Attention to detail and excellent written and oral communication skills.
– Ability to meet deadlines and to adapt to change in a daily, unpredictable news production environment.
– Experience working collaboratively with members of a mixed-media team.
– Willingness to work a flexible schedule that may include nights and weekends.
– A keen interest in and knowledge of NYTimes.coms competitors, both in the United States and abroad.

Enthusiasm for designing and making great products and experiences, for current events and The New York Times is essential. Original, flexible, critical thinkers who communicate and collaborate well with a wide range of contributors will thrive. Design team members are expected not only to make exceptional contributions to the presentation of our journalism, but to engage with others to foster an environment of learning and constructive dialogue about our work.

A recent New York Times article observed that the number of employed graphic designers is not recovering as quickly from the impact of the Great Recession as we had hoped. Yet other roles we now include within the evolving profession and our membership—user-experience design, interaction design, software development, etc.—continue to grow. ~ Richard Grefe’, AIGA executive director

and more . . . 

New Media Job Listings – New York Times – Summer 2013








Undergraduate Studies for a Game Design Major

P    E    R    C    E    P   T    I    O    N    S

Word and Image Activity:

associative_array= tools, creativity, labor, evanescence, scholarship, cognition
lexia= Vectors stages a rethinking of a series of familiar binaries including tool vs. theory and the technical vs. the creative, pushing toward a reconceptualization of our understanding of technological determinism.  Innovative digital projects don’t respect clear boundaries between ideals and tools, understanding that tools can be robust objects to think with, crystallizing new modes of thinking and emergent forms of argument.  Machinic intelligence forces us beyond our comfort zone towards a recognition that digital scholarship might assume fresh guises that explode old, safe categories.. .  vectors journal

“A simple explanation of historicity is when subject matter includes all the history which has gone before while indicating a path to the future.”

Dorothea Rockburne

Create an image(s) or time-base media  – inspired by the following perceptions:

“Far more interesting than problem solving is problem creation.” ~ Chuck Close

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

“The recognition and understanding of the need was the primary condition of the creative act. … Only when you get into the problem and the problem becomes clear, can creativity take over.”—Charles Eames –

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”—Albert Einstein –

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.”  Abraham Lincoln

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m
frightened of the old ones.” – John Cage

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
—Henry David Thoreau

“The beautiful thing about learning is that
no one can take it away from you.” – B.B. King